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BookNowNow is a subsidiary of M2jTopTech Group (MG) a vast and fast growing company with many subsidiaries ranging from the world of technology to farming. Visit M2jTopTech Group for more details.
BookNowNow was primarily designed to aid students book off-campus accommodation with ease and without being in the school. The site is designed to provide all the information of the houses like the price, location, closeness to the nearest campus, the environment in general and other vital information require before one rent a building.
Aside this primary objective, the site has transformed to rendering the following services:-

 Online payment to ease stress of the bank.
 Selling of both old and new Items. Read how to sell on BNN.
 Cleaning of the booked room a day before arrival to the school (optional).
 Buying of items like furniture, decors, or anything you want to buy in to the room to make you feel at home immediately you arrive.(optional)
 Tour round the school (optional).
We are just here for you, so enjoy all our services but note terms and condition might apply and you will be told upon request for the service

BookNowNow was founded by Sule Muhammed Abba, a formal student of Federal University of Technology Minna during his under graduate program inn 2016. It is company dedicated to finding good, secure, comfortable and seecured accommodations for students of FUTMx. BookNowNow since that 2016 has gone along way to reucing drastically the accommodation problems faced by students especially freshers. BookNowNow as a company is not only concerned with the accommodation of the students but also their performance. That is why we have several tools to the aid the students in their school acivities. some of this tools includes;

  • Online E-Exam practice center.
  • student’s article rewriter
  • grammer checker
  • room mates match 
  • sales of student’s properties etc

Our vision

To provide a world class technology aimed at reducing the stress of the students drastically in order for them to achieve high efficient result.

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