A POS business is an additional way of getting income. Aside from your existing business, it is a way to expand service offerings and one of the best methods to cross-sell your products/services to walk-in customers.

The business needs to situated in places where there are no bank branches or busy environments with enough security measures in place. You are sure to increase your daily revenue if you get everything right.

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If you have ever tried before to start the business, you will know it is not easy to get a POS machine from the banks. BookNowNow is now introducing a method that will give you POS (merchant POS) at an affordable price and under two days. Before i continue, i would like to easily tell you how much you can be making monthly using our partner’s POS. For every transaction, you will be charged 0.75%. If a customer comes and withdraws 1000 Naira, you will be charged 7.5 Naira while you will charge your customer 100 Naira leaving you with a gain of 92.5 Naira. if you actually did 20-30 transactions per day, you should be earning nothing less than 3000-6000 per day. Can you now guess why people are rushing into the business? There are people that run upto 70-80 transactions daily. Please chat us up via the online chat or the whatsapp link below.

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