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Welcome to Endwell Estate

Endwell Estate is a very beautiful estate which is 3mins drive from the school gate in Gidan-Kwano, so if you are looking for a very conducive accommodation with value for your money. then you will give Endwell a try. currently there are only 2 vacant rooms, so the earlier the better.


  • single room self contain.
  • one bathroom
  • one kitchen
  • has a transformer for the house alone.
  • steady water supply with a dedicated generator to ensure availability of water 24/7.
  • Shops available including a small clinic and clinic for the occupants
  • Our rating is 4.8

Pricing (Naira)

The house rent  is 80,000

legal fee because the house is managed by a Law firm is 10,000.

Agent fee 10%

This add up to become 99,000 for the first year and a payment of 80,000 subsequently .

Hurry and make your booking.

How to book this accommodation.

  1. if you are satisfied with the images displayed, you can click on BookNowNow and the amount will be deducted from your bank account. make sure you have your ATM details to be able to successfully complete the payment. Alternatively, you can make a direct payment to our Chief agent bank account with the following information, Gt bank account number 0157952396 account name Sule Abba Muhammed. after making the payment, give us a call on 08168737533, 08142870160, whatsapp 09024407816 ,email or use our live chat so we can confirm payment and generate a payment ID required for the next step.
  2. After successful payment,you will be redirected to a page to finish the registration for those that use ATM, enter your correct details and click on complete booking. for those that did transfer, click on property clearing once your payment ID has been generated for, put your details and click complete booking.
  3. you will receive a confirmation email from us once everything is correctly done. The booking processing will take maximum of 24-36 hrs and you are free to track the booking anytime to know the progress.bu

if you are not satisfied with the description and images, you can create an appointment with one of our agent and you will be taken to the house, please note that this will attract a fee of 1000 naira only.

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